Hurricane Irma

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Much of Florida and Georgia was hit hard by this massive storm. Here in Georgia we had problems from flooding on the coast to power outages in the mountains. Truly unprecedented. The Firm was without power, phones and internet from the time the storm hit until mid-morning on Wednesday. Thankfully, we are now back up and running. A big THANK YOU to the linemen from all around the country who have been working night and day to restore power. We have had staff, clients, friends and neighbors suffer property damage, lengthy power outages, water outages, and other disruptions. However, we are very thankful for minimal injuries and loss of life. If you are able, volunteer your time, donate to a reputable charity, or just help a neighbor clean up. There will be much to do in the coming days and...

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New Board Rule 205(c) and form WC-PMT

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The State Board of Workers’ Compensation has amended its Rules to include a new Board Rule 205(c) and new form, which allows attorneys representing injured workers to petition the Board for a telephone conference call to resolve issues where the Employer/Insurer has not authorized or controverted medical treatment or testing. There are strict timelines involved with the new form, time for response, time for a Board conference call, and possible appeal.  If you are an Employer or Insurer with questions about this new procedure, contact Rob Ryan at (229) 232-4310 or...

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