Workers’ Compensation



Georgia Workers’ Compensation is a complex, often confusing system.  An on the job injury can create complex legal issues for both the employer and the injured worker.

Ryan Law Firm has a unique background of in depth experience in Georgia Workers’ Compensation that allows the Firm to provide excellent, experienced representation in this area.  Ryan Law Firm is able to combine the experience and background expected from large defense firms with the personal attention to our clients that we can provide through a small, boutique firm with local ties and experience.

At Ryan Law Firm, we take pride in being accessible to our clients and in providing timely updates regarding the status of each case and any issues that may arise. We want to obtain the best resolution of each claim that will help to meet the twin objectives of workers’ compensation in Georgia: (1) timely receipt of benefits and appropriate medical treatment and (2) successful return to work, where possible.  Unfortunately, these goals are not possible in every case and Ryan Law Firm stands ready to aggressively litigate for Employers and Insurers when needed and to seek the best outcome, whether through a hearing, appeal, or mediation and settlement.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in all aspects of Georgia workers’ compensation claims, including hearings, appeals and mediations.

Workers’ Compensation Defense

If you are an insurer, self-insured or uninsured employer, we would be happy to discuss your defense needs with you and utilize our extensive experience on your behalf.  Please contact Rob Ryan at

We consider representation of injured workers on a case by case basis, when we do not have conflicts.  Please contact Lisa Davies at