Rob Ryan is available to mediate civil litigation and workers’ compensation claims.  We have experience representing insurers, defendants and plaintiffs and the ability to see and understand all points of view in order to assist you in bringing your claim to a fair and reasonable conclusion.

Vicki Snow has nearly 20 years’ experience at the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation as a former Director and Administrative Law Judge, and is available to mediate workers’ compensation cases and other matters throughout Georgia.

Ryan Law Firm has the flexibility to coordinate the most convenient time and place for your mediation, whether that is at our offices, yours, or a neutral location.  We work hard and seek out of the box solutions in order to help parties reach appropriate resolution of their cases.

Our rates are $150 per party per hour for mediation, $125 flat rate per hour for travel and preparation time.

For more information on scheduling a mediation with Mr. Ryan or Ms. Snow, please contact Lisa Davies at (229) 232-4310 or